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You need a gift for a friend, a splash of colour and sunshine for your home, a pick-me-up for someone special, or a little addition to your dinner table. Of course, flowers are just the thing!


So, you dash to the local supermarket only to find:

  • An astounding lack of sweet peas, larkspur, cornflowers and British natural blooms

  • Hum-drum arrangements, boring bouquets, and strange colour combinations

  • You can’t smell the flowers over the scent of the bakery

  • None of the fragrance you remember flowers having when you were a child

You could go to the florist instead, but that’s so expensive and you know the blooms have travelled miles!


The only other resort is garage flowers. Let’s not even go there.


Even worse you realise:

  • The flowers you bought still have no fragrance ~ even in your favourite vase at home

  • These flowers were treated with awful chemicals that aren’t healthy to inhale

  • These blooms are imported (which is not eco-friendly nor sustainable)


The Secret Life of Imported Flowers


90% of flowers in Britain are imported! You may think your flowers were grown in Holland. Actually, the journey is much longer!


Most imported varieties are grown in Ethiopia and Kenya, some from Columbia. These scentless hybrid blooms are treated with pesticides, dipped in preservatives, then flown to Holland for cold storage. Finally, the flowers are shipped to Britain.

Join my new course  The Garden Path: a collective journey from seed to vase  

to enjoy:

  • Advice on what to buy (and what you can skip) to maximise your investment

  • Plain-language explanations to take you to the next level of your cut flower journey

  • An expert team of horticulturalists and florists to follow step-by-step (we do, you do)

  • Newfound confidence in your floral abilities​

  • Choices on how to access the information to best suit the way you learn

  • Loads of online support​

  • A lively, engaged, and exclusive community of other budding cut flower growers (even after the course)

  • Skills you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

I'm sure you have questions...

  • It sounds wonderful, Roz, but is this programme really for me?​

    Absolutely! You’ll be learning everything you need to grow, cut, and arrange stunning bouquets to delight your friends and family.


    You will find tremendous value in this seed to vase course if:


    You’re a complete beginner


    You discovered a love of gardening during lockdown


    You’re an experienced vegetable gardener who hasn’t tried flowers


    You know something about flowers, but not really a cutting patch


     You have been growing blooms and want to learn more.

  • Do I really have enough land for this?

  • I already have a good understanding of growing flowers, so what will I learn?

  • I work and need to fit work ,childcare and life in? Can I manage this. 

  • What’s the timeline for  The Garden Path: a collective journey from seed to vase ?

  • What are the units and the order in which we’ll learn them?​

Meet Roz, the founder of Field Gate Flowers...




 The Garden Path: a collective journey from seed to vase  is a long season of learning and growing together. The value you’ll get is tremendous!

  • Starter Seed Pack ~ valued at £20.00

  • Savings on learning propagation ~ for roses alone, you could save £100's

  • Savings on purchase of floral arrangements ~ valued at over £250 yearly

  • Enjoying eco-friendly, sustainable flowers ~ value of £Priceless

    • Ditch the nasty chemicals and pesticides
    • Lower your carbon footprint
    • The ultimate in sourcing locally
  • Confidence and pride in your ability to grow, cut, and arrange beautiful bouquets ~ value of £Priceless

  • Skills you can enjoy for life ~ value of £Priceless


I can’t wait to see you inside the course! When October ends, you’ll still be enjoying the fruits (or flowers, rather) of your labour for years to come. Let’s stroll The Garden Path together!


Meet your guides along   The Garden Path: a collective journey from seed to vase  

And the person behind it all, Roz Chandler

Sign up to  The Garden Path: a collective journey from seed to vase  today!

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